Friday, August 05, 2005

NYOne by the numbers

Diet Cokes consumed today: 2
Hairsyles I have had since lunch: 4
Ponytail holders used in aforementioned hairstyles: 2
Links visited from my "Favorites/News" folder: 1
Links visited from my "Favorites/Blogs" folder: 5
Musical theatre references made by Gawker in the past few weeks (that I caught): 3*
Phone calls answered: 65
Percent of callers I was fake-nice to: 35
Percent of callers I was actually nice to: 62
Times I drifted off, daydreaming about Pat Kiernan, DCA: 1
Money spent on lunch: $6.95
Money spent at Staples: $361.02
Hours it took me to finish this post: .83

It's Friday, people. The funny is working summer hours.

UPDATE: Moves it took me to solve this: 88. New High Score, bi-otch!!

*since I know I'm the only drama geek here: Chorus Line, Man of LaMancha and Little Night Music Only one reference is not in the post title. I'm sure there are more I have missed.

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