Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beset Regards*,

So I have been majorly swamped, trying to pack and prepare for a week-long vacation to Munich, Germany to visit my family. Prost! I am so excited to drink many biers, watch 1860 Munchen in the new football stadium and tour Salzburg. Perhaps when I return, I can learn the magic of posting pictures to my blog.
The only downside to this is that I am crazed at work (and no, blogging during the day is so not helping that) trying to set everyone up while I'm gone. It is amazing to me that brilliant, literally genius-level people can have so much trouble with a conference call pass code, but such is my life. I am hoping they miss me just enough to realize it's time for that raise we've casually discussed before; but not so much that the place shuts down. Because that will mean a shitload of work will be waiting when I get back. Ugh.
So I'm sorry that I've been mucho lamo with the posting-I've barely checked Gawker all week, have totally been neglecting the Bar Man over at 1000 Bars and probably offended several people with my email non-responsiveness. However, in my traditional glass-half-full way, I prommise to be better upon my return and give you a thorough rundown of all things Oktoberfest.
Hopfen und Maltz, Gott Erhaltz!**

*If you're wondering if that is yet another example of my egregious spelling errors, just take "beset" over to MS Work and right-click for "Synonyms".

**"Hops and Malt, may God keep forever" Sort of a variation on "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants up to be happy"

Thursday, September 01, 2005

We got $5,000! We got $5,000!

Ok, I don't actually got $5,000 or a contract to put my cable access show on a local network. But I did finally get digital cable with DVR! Sadly, this is not a paid endorsement brought to you by Time Warner Cable of New York. It's me genuinely ecstatic that I now have channels like IFC, BBC America, Discovery Health, VH1 Classics and SoapNet AND I can TiVo* them for my viewing pleasure whenever I choose. Plus a free month of HBO, which only excites me for Entourage and possible airings of Eurotrip. I am still trying to figure out if I will be able to TiVo all Jets games without recording every program listed as "NFL Football" on TV. Though Lord knows they way they show games here in NY, that would only mean the addition of every Giants game and never the other AFC game that in a normal market would be on CBS either before or after the Jets. For some inexplicable reason, instead of some awesome Patriots-Colts matchup, we get Ron Popeil at 3:00pm on a Sunday.
Sorry, went off on a tangent there. But then I thought about MTV2, The Golf Channel, Turner Classic Movies, Trio and Game Show Network and it's all good again.
Hooray for TV!

*TiVo has become like Xerox or Kleenex - a brand name that stands as a noun or verb (in this case, either depending on usage) without the actual use of the brand product. Quite a feat for something that doesn't even enjoy a majority share of the digital video recorder market.