Thursday, June 30, 2005


Can't say I'm actually surprised, and I almost looked for another site to link to, since E! insisted on mentioning the f**king Red Sox. . I remember the good old days, when Ben out-funnied Robin Williams on Oprah and Jen was Noel's glasses-sporting music nerd ex. Kids...they grow up so fast!

Pulled Apart: an installation

I have a slight obsession with mangling paper clips, staples, and other malleable office supplies. I just yanked out wire binding from a presentation and am now joyfully experimenting with the resulting twisty wire mess. Bracelet? Belt? Plant decoration? Clearly, the wire has more potential and more aesthetic value now than when it was doing what it was "supposed" to do. All in all, its a metaphor for life and how unexpected events, even traumatic ones that take us off our charted course, can reshape us into more beautiful, capable and resilient human beings.
When I get better at this, I will post pictures of the aforementioned wire coil and some of my older paper clip pieces.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Aw, crap, what have I started?

At the behest of many a friend and mostly to stroke my own ego, I am starting a blog. Yes, yes, contain yourself. You no longer need to wait for rambling emails or desperate Evites to enjoy my rants and raves. They'll all be collected in one handy-dandy place, updated as frequently as lulls in my workday will allow. I'll keep this first one short, as I need to play around with formatting and whatnot, so that I don't look like the hopeless amateur I am. In the meantime, I'll take input on that title. I'm not exactly sure what it means yet, but I like the sound. Clearly, I'd be crap at poetry or song lyrics-brevity has never been my strong suit.