Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Words I am too old to still employ, but regularly do

  1. Wicked, as in "it's wicked hot outside", "I hear Wedding Crashers is supposed to be wicked funny" or the ideal usage, "Joey McIntyre was wicked awesome on Dancing With the Stars"
  2. Retarded as in " the line for the new Harry Potter book was retarded, so we ordered it online instead. It's a wicked long book"
  3. Gay, in the 3rd grade sense of "Bowling is totally gay" (except, of course, that bowling is wicked fun.)
  4. Duh, or for a truly juvenile flashback, doye (pronounced "doy-EE") or no doye. "Duh. John Roberts is totally not related to Julia Roberts. What are you, retarded?"

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