Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Diet Vanilla Coke and the other things filling up my afternoon

Diet Vanilla Coke, or the DVC, as I like to call it, is one of the finest products to be introduced since maybe wine in a box. It's like diet cream soda, only it tastes good. Just add vodka for instant desert! (This also works with chocolate soy milk)
Just found the Waiter Rant and lost an hour of my day. Laughed out loud at one post in particular.
In the spirit of MUG's Hump Day, here some other time-wasting websites I recommend:
  • Overheard in New York: Addictive, but the bright blue screen will have you seeing funny.
  • Movie Spoiler: Because you're really not going to see Fantastic 4, but you want to be able to trash it as if you had.
  • Emedco: Am I the only one who loves printed barricade tape, photoluminescent exit signs and gravity-feed eyewash stations? Really? Oh...I guess so. It's better in catalog form, I swear.

If I remember, I'll try to make this a regular Wednesday feature.


On a separate note, I am seeing a play tonight, Swimming in the Shallows, that stars Ryan's ne'er do well ex-con brother Trey! How sweet is that? I am totally going to ask him if Marissa's going to jail (unlikely, no matter how much the show would improve in MB's absence).


Anonymous said...

Without marisa the show would be angst free and thus even more boring than the first half of season two. how are we gonna get to see sandy in action if marisa doesn't go to court. c'mon nyone, you know you love her. admit it.

NYOne said...

Oo, good point about Sandy. You know those eyebrows will be working overtime on this case. As long as they don't give her any legal jargon to slur in that weird lisp of hers, I might be ok.

PS-Trey was wicked hot in the shark show. Blah, blah, MFA from Tisch, blah, blah, Williamstown Theatre Festival, blah, blah, made out with the other guy in the show. He is my new favorite.

Anonymous said...

too bad he's dead. maybe they can bring him back by having ryan have vivid trey flashbacks of when they were boys and still loved each other like brothers.
and then they'll make out.


NYOne said...

He is so not dead! Just because she shot him, y'know, in the chest at point blank range does not mean Trey is dead. He has to live to testify at her trial that she shot him to save Ryan, and then Luke will return as a character witness in Marissa's defense and then he and Troy will make hot. Like father, like son. Totally hot.

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