Thursday, February 16, 2006

dipping a toe in

So this is what my blog page looks like...I'd almost forgotten. Ha ha ha moving on...

I do have things I've been meaning to share, random bits of trivia and news, rants and raves, generally bloggy material but just have not been able to get myself over here. If I had been posting all along this year, and wanted to drop a quick bit of politics in the mix, here is what it might have looked like:

Title: Seriously?
U.S. Internet Companies To Stand Before Congress

Representatives from Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Cisco Systems Inc.
and Google Inc. were expected to face hard questions at the hearing from
lawmakers from both political parties.
Rep. Chris Smith said the companies are "enabling dictatorship" by helping China manipulate the Internet. "Cooperation with tyranny should not be embraced for the sake of profits," says Smith, the Republican chairman
of the House subcommittee on global human rights.

{emphasis mine} Folks, I don't have a dictionary handy - is there a word for something beyond hypocrisy?

Aw, that would have been fun! Getting all activist n' shit, somewhere between my latest Veronica Mars squee and a well-considered thesis on how Life & Style magazine and tabloids in general are actually managing to give rumors a bad name. How difficult is it to discredit something that by definition is already suspicious? Pretty damn difficult in my book. The word "rumor" to me now signifies nothing more than a nugget dreamt up in a tabloid writer's desperate and dreamlike imagination. There's "baseless" and then there is "batshit crazy"

Whew-look at the length of this post! I'm tired already from lack of conditioning. Like Eli Manning in August over here. So, I'm off to organize my random jottings into coherent posts that I will then bring to you, my faithful reader(s?). I've got some stuff you'll really want to come back for, like my favorite all-time miss-guesses on Wheel of Fortune. Not like wild, talk-it-out attempts during the final puzzle; people with options, time and 3/4 of the board filled just getting a few key words wrong. Till then, make it work!

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