Monday, February 20, 2006

Because I can. Because I can can can can can.....

Happy President's Day!
I felt that given the holiday, I ought to post something. Seeing as how I'm trying to get back in the habit. Now mind you, when I say holiday, that doesn't mean I had the day off from work. But at least folks are mostly leaving me alone, as if to say, "NYOne, you are neglecting your audience and your craft. Off the TWoP boards with you, for there you shall find no satisfaction. Hie you hence to your your blog and there post some wit for the masses."
Unfortunately for you, I have no wit, but I do have a way to tie in two of my references in this post...
Not strictly speaking, but it will do. First person to correctly identify the unifying theme undying love and admiration? A vegemite sandwich on me?
Speaking of reality shows, I am of course loving this season of Project Runway long time. Knowing that the producers were going to keep Santino no matter what kind of turkey costume he belched onto the runway, I had the final three picked about two weeks ago. Andre was unmemorable, Nick, though my early favorite for the "Buy my chicle" Nicky Hilton episode, was ultimately a bit tacky and Kara managed to take boring ideas and then execute them badly. I'm now truly torn between Chloe and Daniel V. Daniel is the more exciting designer, but though we rarely see it, I get the feeling he is a bad loser. Chloe has been consistently overlooked (how many challenges did she come in 2nd? Like half of them?) but her lack of drive makes it hard to really pull for her. As long as the freakish, balding giant troll Santino doesn't win, I'm cool with it.
Wednesdays really are TV heaven, from American Idol, to VM to PR. When AI moves against my beloved Veronica, I really hope we don't get flattened, but the ratings have been so shitty lately, it can't get much worse. It's a comfort to know, when you're singing the save-the-show blues, that anywhere else you could possibly go after South Beach would be a pleasure cruise.

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