Monday, July 09, 2007

My To-Do List

  • Get manicure
  • Book room in Portland, ME for wedding…in 4 weeks
  • Buy Ziploc bags and dryer sheets
  • Finish blogging about the Personality Matrix
  • Look up A-Rod’s current HR total; realize I failed to match my number of blog posts in June
  • Blog about how I suck worse than the Yankees
  • Re-read Harry Potter 5 & 6 before 7 comes out…in 2 weeks
  • See Once and Ratatouille in theaters
  • Clear out sacks of old clothes from under the bed; donate to Sal’s Army or the freegans
  • Haircut?
  • Get my photo taken with the very large poster of Max outside of the Brooks Atkinson, thus killing two birds: making up for lost cell phone photo tragedy AND replacing tired MySpace pic that I am sick of looking at.
  • Blog more

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