Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WTF of the day

So my mission to see the Fergie/HOT MILO video again goes on fruitlessly to this day. But I have not given up, and in fact have added Fuse and MTV2 into my morning rotation. And while I may be suffering from an acute lack of HotMilo in my life, I am being compensated for my efforts by a guarantee of at least one video every single morning that makes me put the remote down for a second to go, “…the fuck?!?” I hope I can make this a regular feature; there is certainly plenty of WTF out there:

Please watch as much of this video as you can handle*. Now let’s just sit Elliot Yamin down and ask, what HAPPENED here? Is it 1994? Is this one of those booths where they take an All-4-One video and insert you lip-syncing?

*It might not be much. Or you might be like me and find yourself physically unable to turn away until the whole thing is done. I think maybe the fact that I just saw this again recently really helped.


Becca said...

I blame the teeth. They're SO BIG now! I'm not sure which I like better...this or the old British-Style ones.

by the way, have you seen the pics of Milo with his short hairs? He's still pretty..but...but the hair...not the same.

P.S. I feel like I haven't talked to you in eight bajillion years.

NYOne said...

SHORT HAIR?! How did I miss that?

*Rushes madly off to Getty Images, but pauses for a big MMWAH and thanks to Bex!*