Friday, August 11, 2006


March?! I haven't posted since March? Who do I think I am, Josh Friedman? (God, and he's even posted twice in the last month!) I mean, the last half of Veronica Mars Season 2 did take over my entire universe, but seriously. Well, let's rip the Band-Aid off and get down to it, shall we?
What's new in my life? (And by "life", as if I had to specify, I mean "TV Schedule") Starting with the obvies, I'm loving the new season of Project Runway, though I always seem to be drunk while watching it.
AND OK...while the last bit was saved as draft, a few things have gone down. Mostly my tolerance for blatantly useless designers kept around for their personalities while talented and lovely people (Allison...CALL ME) get booted. I haven't actually watched last night's episode yet, but I went to the episode thread at TWoP and I get the sense it is going to infuriate me to no end. I think the show and I might need to take a break. Not break-up per se, but I'm wondering if we might be better off as friends. Now, you may recall I had the same thing happen with Evite, where we totally broke up but then Evite really grew and changed so we got back together and are happier than ever. (Though, come to think of it, we haven't been seeing as much of each other as we used to. But I think that's a good thing). I feel like my expectations for PR were too high and I started to forget that it is a reality show, albeit a classy one. But you only date a reality show; you don't marry one. I started to believe this was more than a summer fling but now I think we (me and Project Runway) need a little space before I get resentful and angry. I went into the Spoiler threads people; it's a clear sign I've lost some respect. Plus, I have sort of maybe kind of been cheating on PR with...(I can't believe I'm going to admit this) Rockstar:Supernova. I KNOW, ok, I know I'm totally slumming, not to mention it's on CBS for crying out loud. I won't do the stupid analogy of comparing RS:SN to junk food - bad for you but oh so tasty, like Mallomars or pork rinds. In my defense, however, Dave Navarro is hot and possibly a little bit funny, in a glam rock meets Roman emperor kind of way. He relishes giving the thumbs up and feeding the rockers to the lion. (It is a thumbs-up, BTW. Common misconception, but they were very pro-death back then). The great thing about my relationship with RS:SN is there is no commitment. At the end of the summer we will go our separate ways and not worry about keeping in touch. A little bowling in the arcade, a little strolling, a little lemonade. Definitely some making out under the dock. Likely staying out till 10 o'clock. And when it's all over, I go back to the real love of my life and nobody's feelings are hurt.

If you have to ask me who the real love of my life is, get off my blog. Seriously.

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